Knowing your way gives you security.

Feeling secure enables you to make decisions.

Making decisions helps you to feel calm.

Feeling calm helps you to think clearly.

Those who think clearly will win.

(Very free according to Confucius...)

Listening is an art.

It requires interest and concentration.

We need to find and speak a common language.

Understand what the other person is trying to say.

Ask questions.

Once listening turns into a dialogue, we have reached our goal.

There is one good thing about problems:

They have their own distinctive design,

And their solution already lies within.

However, a problem cannot be solved

In the same way it has been created.

Converting ideas into projects.

Realizing new organizational forms.

Initiating strategic developments.

Managing crises. Effecting change.

Experienced and reliable. Flexible.

Never giving up and acting with intuition.

This is original Homola. Period.

_Executive Search



_Corporate culture

_Corporate identity

_Leadership concepts and structures

What am I thinking of? There is no either or in life.

There is always a third possibility which is often the best.

It is found with hard work – mental work.

_New project? > Start-up technology

_Scarce resources? > Project management

_Problems? > Risk management

_Crisis? > Crisis management

_Insecurity? > Controlling, revision

_Variation orders? > Anti-claim management

 _Project completed? > Acceptance, audit

How is this done?

People can only manage what they can see.

This is why they need to be on site. Conduct joint analyses.

Find joint solutions and make decisions. Be responsible.

No beating around the bush, just giving a straight answer.

Quickly and exactly as needed. Just do it!

_Personality coaching


_Presentation techniques and dialectics

_Poise and winning

_The art of presentation


Why choose me?

Because I know all of these moments of insecurity from my own personal experiences.

I have been there and done that. I know how to handle it.

I also know that a person can learn almost anything.

All a person needs is a coach who will quickly detect weaknesses and will help to turn them into strengths.

Open, honest, and direct – but never unfair.


Prof. Josef Homola FRICS
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